Software Quality Assurance : An Introduction


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Software quality assurance is  an umbrella activity that is applied throughout the software process.

SQA cover the following:

(1) A quality management approach.

(2) Effective software engineering technology.

(3) Formal technical reviews.

(4) A multi-tiered testing strategy.

(5) Document change control.

(6) Software development standard and its control procedure.

(7) Measurement and reporting mechanism.

What is quality control ?

The series of inspections, reviews, and test used   throughout the develop cycle of a software product. Quality control includes a feedback loop to the process. Objective   minimizes the produced defects, increase the product quality

There are two types of quality control

Quality design the characteristics that designers specify for an item.
 includes: requirements, specifications, and the design of the system.

Quality of conformance  the degree to which the design specification are followed. It focuses on implementation based on the design

Implementation approaches

  – Fully automated
  – Entirely manual
  – Combination of automated tools and human interactions

Key concept of quality control:

 Compare the work products with the specified and   measurable standards.Quality assurance consists of the auditing and reporting function of management goal Provide management with the necessary data about product quality.Ggain the insight and confidence of product quality

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