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 Computer Science Junction Blog
Founded by Bhola shaha, in odisha bhadrak, India.   Computer Science Junction is a technical blog and publishes about  the gate cse syllabus for GATE 2020 and gate study material for cse. Computer Science Study Material for Gate CSE preparation. Computer Science Junction is Committed to provide the qualitative content to the readers. On this portal, a computer science student can enhance his/her knowledge by reading the technical article on different topics. This blog mainly provides the gate notes for cse for the following Computer Science Subjects. As per the gate cse syllabus some of the computer science subject subjects are as follow:

Computer Science Junction also provides the practice set, interview questions with answer for different subjects of Computer Science. On this portal students can also get the practice question set, previous year GATE computer Science questions with their solution. 

This blog also provides the content for Web Development Technology, Java Programming, Technical interview and HR Interview questions,, interview preparations tips, motivational articles etc.


Computer Science Junction has a Vision to provide easy and more explained qualitative computer science study material to everyone, specially to students who are pursuing graduation in computer science and preparing for GATE CS exam. Apart from providing the qualitative computer science study materiel ,we are also committed to motivate its readers through some motivational article on this portal.


Computer Science Junction Mission is to helps the readers or students who are looking for qualitative study material , tutorial, practice set, multiple choice questions in the field of computer science. Our mission is simple to contribute something from our side for computer science students and motivate them in thier Journey towards completion of their dreams. 

About the Author
Bhola shaha is the author of the articles available on computer science junction blog . He has completed his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering and has experience of writing the technical content.
He loves to write the technical articles related to computer science subjects, web development technology, java programming, interview preparation tips and motivational and social issues.