Short Interview Questions from C Programming

” I am listing some of the important questions from C programming Language which are mostly asked during Technical interview for freshers. I hope all the students will like these questions and also suggest some other typical questions in comment.”


Question 1 : What is  difference between While loop and do while loop?

Question 2: What is Pointer?

Question 3: Tell me the difference between call by value and call by reference with example.

Question 4: What is Difference between formal parameters and actual parameters?

Question 5: can a function return more than one value? How ?

Question 6: What is recursion ? Give an example.

Question 7: Explain Difference between break and continue statement?

Question 8: What is difference between array and structure?

Question 9: What is difference between Structure and Union?

Question 10: What is Recursion ? Give an Example.


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