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As we know that Operating System is a system software which works as a interface between user and hardware. Operating System provides platform to use other application software developed for different purpose. Operating system performs the memory management , input output management , process management functions. 

Operating System is an important subject of Computer Science and Engineering from technical Interview aspect as well as for GATE/NET and other Competitive written Exam.

Here in this post I am telling some Important questions  from Basic of operating System.

Question 1: What is Operating System? Explain the different Functions and services provided by Operating System.

Question 2: Explain the different types of operating system.

Question 3:What is scheduler?

Question 4: What do you understand by Boot process of an operating system?

Question 5: How scheduling is performed?

Question 6: What is kernel in Operating System?

Question 7: What is a device Queue?

Question 8: What is Process? Explain the process and Process control Block.

Question 9: What is ready queue ? Why Long term scheduler is used?

Question 10: Explain the concept of Context Switch.

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