Process Control Block in Operating System

What is Process control block  in os ?
process control block diagram

Today in this process control block diagram tutorial we are going to discuss about process control block , example for process control block and function of process control block and its numerous field that provides the knowledge concerning process.

process control block example
All the fields of a process control block are as shown in Figure 1.

What is process control block in os?

Operating System maintains a data structure for each process.Every process has it own process control block. A unique id is assigned to each process.

operating system study materialOperating System determine a process among all processes on the idea of this process id. A PCB keeps all the knowledge required to stay track of a process. Typically a process control’ block contains the subsequent info a couple of process.

All the fields of a process control block are as shown in Figure one.

Process State: process state field of process control’ block  tell about current state of the process. These states could also be prepared , running and waiting.

Process Privileges: This is often needed to produce the knowledge concerning allow/disallow  to access the system resources.

Process ID: Each process incorporates a distinctive identification for every of the processes within the operating system .

Pointer: The pointer field of PCB provides information about parent process it represents a pointer to the parent process.

Program Counter: This is an important filed. Program Counter could be a pointer to the address of next instruction to be fetch of this process.  Every time when an instruction is fetched from memory value of program counter is increased by one.

CPU Registers: Numerous processor registers wherever processes got to be hold on for execution for running state.

CPU Scheduling Information: This field of PCB contains the planning information or scheduling information. This field tell about the which scheduling algorithm.

Memory Control Information: This includes the knowledge of page table, memory limits, and page table, reckoning on the memory employed by the operating system.

Accounting Information: This includes the percentage of CPU utilization, processor used for process execution, limits, execution ID, and so on.

IO standing Information: This includes a listing of I/O devices allotted to the process.


So in this process control block based tutorial, we covered various aspects of process control block such as it’s introduction, process control block diagram and different fields of process control block diagram. I hope that this operating system tutorial based on process control block will be helpful for engineering students.


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