Power Up Your New iPhone Or iPod Today With Wireless Charging


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first new wireless charging

The release of the new iPhones came with first new wireless charging capabilities limited to a maximum of 5 watts per device. That’s pretty low, but then again, your iPhone is already only five watts. Wireless charging is no slower than the (doubtfully pitiful) manual power adapter that comes with the phone. With two devices that are likely to be running on the iPhone’s wireless network at all times, wireless charging should ideally be faster

Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Recent upgrades to the usb-c port on the newer iPhones enable it to support up to 10 watts of wireless charging. This allows for the charging of all of the associated devices that make up the home wireless network. In addition, all of the new iPhones have the ability now to control their computers from the iPhone’s wireless charging station

wireless charging
New wireless charging

the new wireless chargers

The question is whether these updates are enough to justify the higher cost of the new wireless chargers. Fortunately, there’s still good news. Cheap wireless chargers for iPhones are now widely available and some are quite competitively priced. You don’t have to throw out your existing wireless charger to take advantage of these upgrades.


Rather than having an expensive multi-port or multi-cell wireless charging cable, you can opt instead for a simple micro-USB adapter. You don’t need a power adapter at all. This is in contrast to the older (and cheaper) multi-port chargers that required a separate power cable and a USB-C connector. However, even though they lack the convenience of the wireless charging cable, they are much less costly than what you may have been planning to spend on a power adapter.


You may find that there’s more than one type of wireless charging pad available. At least one manufacturer has designed its own proprietary adapter, which often comes with the purchase of a new iPhone. This may be fine for you. You’ll likely also find that several manufacturers have developed wireless charging pads that use different technologies and are compatible with several models of iPhones. However, if you frequently use your phone or want to be able to take it with you wherever you go, it will be worth spending the extra money for a msi based adapter.


Qi wireless charging for your new phone isn’t just meant to make life easier. It can also save you money, especially if you don’t want to buy a separate charger. The Qi charging technology introduced by Apple simply enables your phone to charge itself. You just connect it to an Qi enabled device, like the new $70 iHome wireless charging pad, and it does the job of charging your phone wirelessly. You’ll enjoy all the benefits that Qi has to offer without the hassle and expense of purchasing a separate Qi mat, an iHome wireless charging cradle, or other types of wireless charging accessories.


Even if you’re careful not to overcharge your new phone, you can still overheat it. This can shorten the life of your battery and cause overheating in some cases. To avoid this problem, it’s a good idea to make sure your wireless charging device can hold at least 5 watts of power. That’s the recommended power output of most Qi based chargers. If you’re still getting warm when you first connect your device to your Qi mat, you probably need to upgrade your Qi capacity. An increase in wattage can easily help.


If you’re wondering how much power your phone should have in order for Qi wireless charging to work, you can get a cheap universal voltage adapter. These adapters are available at any electronics store and are very inexpensive. They plug into the USB port on your laptop or iPhone and provide the needed power to your device. A good rule of thumb is that your device needs at least a 3.5 watt adapter in order to be compatible with Qi based wireless charging.


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