Interview Questions from Data Structure Part 1


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Data Structure is one of the  important subject for students of Computer Science. Some questions are asked every year from Data Structure in GATE/NET exam. This subject covers the topics like Array, Queue, Stack, Link List, Tree, Graph, Sorting and Searching.  

In this post some important questions from Data Structure are as follows:

interview questions from data structure

Q1) What do you mean by Data Structure?

Q2) Explain the Different Operations to be performed on Data Structure.

Q 3) What is algorithm? Explain the term time space and complexity with respect to algorithm.

Q4) What do you mean by array ? Explain the different operation to be performed on linear array.

Q5) How the linear array are represented in memory ? Write the formula to calculate the address of an array element with an example.

Q6)   Write the algorithm to traverse a linear array.

Q7) Write the algorithm to insert and delete an element from array.

Q8) Write the algorithm for bubble sort . Also Calculate the complexity of bubble sort in average,worst and best cases.

Q9)  What do you understand by Linear search? Write the algorithm to search an element in array.Also calculate the time complexity of linear search in all cases.

Q10) What is binary search? Write the algorithm for binary search and its complexity.

Q11) What do you understand by multidimensional array/ how the multidimensional array are represented in memory.

Q12)What do you understand by Sparse matrix.
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Q13) What do you understand by linked list? How the linked list is represented in memory?

Q14) Write the algorithm to insert an element at the beginning of the singly linked list.

Q15) Which sorting algorithm is easily adaptable to singly linked lists? Explain
your answer.

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