Interview Questions from C++ Part 1


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C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language. Which covers all important principles of an object-oriented techniques like Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation. In this post there are some important questions asked from C++ Programming Language. 

  • Describe different parts of C++ programs.
  •  List the new keywords in C++ with their functions.
  • What are identifiers, variables, and constants?
  • Which are the two types of constants? 
  • Describe them with suitable examples.
  • Describe the statements for creating constants. Explain with examples.
  • What is the use of the keyword void? In how many ways can it be used with function.
  • Describe types of derived data type.
  •  Describe Precedence of operators in C++.
  •  Explain typecasting. What are explicit and implicit type conversions?
  •  Explain use of comma operator.
  • What are constructors and destructors?
  •  Explain the characteristics of constructors and destructors?
  •  Explain constructors with arguments. 
  • How are arguments passed to the constructor?
  • What do you mean by overloading of constructors? How does it benefit the programmer?
  • Explain constructor with default arguments?
  • What is copy constructor?

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