How to Back Up Your iPhone – Without a Computer


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How to back up your iPhone with iCloud or without it?

How to back up your iPhone with iCloud or without it? These are the two most asked questions by the people owning iPhone. While many of them do not understand the difference between these two backup options, few of them know how to backup their iPhone properly. There is no difference between backing up iPhone with iCloud or without it. The only difference is the time taken by these two options to complete your task.

What exactly is a backup iPhone? A backup of an iPhone or iPad contains your device settings, music, media files, iMail content, text and ringtones, photos, videos and other app data. It also includes all your contacts and calendar. For backing up your iPhone, you just need an Apple iPhone, an Internet enabled computer and a Mac computer running iTunes. However, Apple Watch cannot be backed up using this method.


The process of backing up iPhone begins with uninstalling any app from your phone. Next, make sure that you do not delete any files from your computer. After this step is done, make sure that you sync your iPhone to your Mac. This step is necessary because syncing will create a copy of your app data over to your iPhone, which means that the older version of the app on your phone will not be available on the newest version.

In order to begin backing up iPhone, launch iTunes and then click on General. You should now see an option for selecting Storage in the drop down menu. If you have already set up the storage on your computer, you can simply select it here.


While in iTunes, you should check out the Devices option to find your iPhone. Now, click on the backup iPhone icon and start the process. In the backup iPhone window, click on the Continue button to continue. You should see the Continue button followed by a progress bar. As you can probably guess, the progress bar shows how long it will take to transfer your data to your computer.


In case you didn’t know, backing up an iPhone involves a process that copies all of your content from your camera roll, text messages, email and other apps onto your computer. So, when you are done backing up, you should drag all of these items onto your desktop or laptop. This means that if you are doing this for the first time, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough space on your computer. You’ll need about 200 MB of space.


Once you’re done backing up your iPhone, it’s time to install the backing up app of your choice. It may be helpful for you to tap into iTunes to find the program you need. You then just tap into the back up option so that you can begin the back up process. When your iPhone is backed up, you can restore your iPhone by simply restoring the backed up files from iTunes.


How to back up your iPhone with iTunes is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is open the app and follow the steps outlined. In case you need to restore your phone, you may want to use a third party application in order to do so without having to deal with the hassles associated with setting up your device. The free back up services available through iTunes may not be worth the money spent on the more expensive paid back up options.


The benefit of using these services is that you can easily restore your device to an earlier date. This allows you to keep track of all of your backups. If you have lost data from a hard drive crash, or whatever reason, you will be able to pull it back up using the backup service of your choice. This can be extremely important if you plan to do business on the internet.


iPhone software developers have written some amazing applications that make backing up an iPhone easy. One such program is the iPhone Data Transfer Pro, which is designed to ease the difficulty associated with backing up iPhone data. The program works by allowing you to create a back up image of your entire iPhone and then restore all of it at the same time. The process is made easy through the use of a graphical user interface. All you have to do is select the images that you would like to back up, create them, and then save them in the correct location.


There are many other programs out there for the iPhone that allow you to back up your iPhone as well. The best part about these programs is the fact that they are very easy to use. You don’t need any technical skills to run them, and the software is designed to make the experience as simple as possible. You will find that being able to get extra storage for your iPhone is just one of the many benefits of this great little electronic marvel. If you are in the market for some additional storage space on your iPhone, then look no further than one of these terrific programs that allow you to back up your iPhone.


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