How is the Difference Between Ram and ROM Involved in the PC Processes?


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Difference between RAM and ROM

Many of you must have asked the difference between RAM and ROM. Well, this is a very good question and the answer is quite simple. RAM, or also known as Random Access Memory keeps the data available only when the machine has utilized the computer. It stores the data in random forms and needs computer resources to store the same. RAM is comparatively more expensive as compared to ROM and hence it is much cheaper than the latter.

Let us see how much faster they are. There is no doubt that from memory is much faster than that of RAM. One reason behind this difference is that it is accessed much faster. Even though the RAM is much faster, the rate at which it is accessed is not constant. This means that it changes according to the demands of the system and its performance varies from time to time.

what are the differences between the two?

Secondly, we will find out what are the differences between the two? In this regard, there is no doubt that RAM uses less energy than the latter. This fact has become quite obvious after the recent price increase. The price of RAM has reached a record high and people are very worried about their budgets. If you think about it carefully, you will come to know that the increase in the price of RAM has nothing to do with the decrease in its performance. This is because of the fact that the increased price is because of the increased production of chips.


In order to understand the key differences between the two, you have to know how exactly RAM works. The basic idea behind it is to access data as and when the need arises. RAM is accessed through the CPU. Whenever your application needs to access data from the main memory, it requests for RAM and then the CPU transfers the request from the main memory to the CPU’s cache. As long as the cache is active, the CPU will continue to transfer the data to the CPU and this will continue till the task is completed.


In case of desktop computers, the tasks that are performed by the software include reading and writing to the disk and this entire process takes place continuously. However, on laptop computers, all these tasks can be done automatically. The reason is that in case of laptop computers, the processor and the hard drives are connected directly to the memory. RAMs, on the other hand, are attached to the different storage devices and these devices are controlled indirectly by the processor.


Usually both the RAM and the ROM are installed into the same device. However, in case the RAM is installed into different devices, it will cause various problems such as incompatibility between the devices and the RAM. You should be careful about the memory speed that is required by the operating system and you should also check out whether you have enough space in the RAM that is provided with the computer system. The difference between the two forms of RAM is that the pc RAM works separately from the main CPU and hence, it will not interfere with the main processing unit.


There are certain characteristics that should be kept in mind when comparing the two forms of RAM. First of all, the non-volatile RAM is comparatively more expensive than the volatile RAM. The reason behind its more expensive price is that it has greater storage capacity than the former. The non-volatile RAM is mainly available in the computer systems that use PCs. On the other hand, the volatile RAM comes in very handy in the storage capacity and it is mostly used in the laptop and desktop computers.


Generally, the size of the files will be approximately equal when the files will be stored on either the RAM or the non-volatile storage devices. When the RAM is not available, the PC will access the hard disk and the non-volatile storage device for the data that requires accessing. The process of reading or writing to the disk or the non-volatile storage device will be completed as soon as the user presses any key on the keyboard or when the mouse is moved over the surface that has the pointer capture area.

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