Gate Preparation Books for Computer Science based gate study material for computer science

Gate preparation books for computer science

Today in this post I am going to tell the name of some standard books which are preferred by the students for the preparation for GATE exam in Computer Science and Information Technology.  So here is the subject wise list.

(1)     Name: Operating System Concepts

        Authors: Galvin
        Publication: WILEY
(2)    Name: Compiler
            Authors: Ravi Sethi, Ullman
            Publication: Pearson
      ( 3)    Name: Database System Concepts 
             Authors: S.Sudarshan, Henry F. Korth
            Publication: TMH
(4)    Name: Algorithm and Data Structure
       Authors: Thomas.H.  Cormen
       Publication: PHI
(     (5)    Name: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
        Authors: Kenneth Rosen
      Publication: TMH
Study Material for gate Computer Science
       (6)    Name: Digital Logic and Computer Design
        Authors: M. Morris Mano
        Publication: Pearson
      (7)    Name: The C Programming Language (ANSI C Version) P
       Authors: Brian W. Kernighan
       Publication: PHI
       (8)    Name: An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata
       Authors: Peter Linz
      Publication: Pearson
     (9)    Name: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach
     Authors: James F. Kurose
     Publication: Pearson
     (10)Name: Computer Organization
     Authors: Hmamcher
     Publication: TMH
(     (11) Name: Computer Networks
       Authors: Andrew S.Tanenbaum
       Publication: Pearson
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