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Computer Hardware Job in Gulf Area: If you are an individual who is interested in the computer hardware industry in the Gulf area, then you can easily search the job vacancies over the internet. There is no doubt that the salaries are high in the region and so is the competition. So if you want to get the best salary and work from the comfort of your home, this is the best region to be a part of. Let us discuss some of the computer hardware job in the Gulf region.

Computers and Electronics Maintenance Technician (CET) This kind of job is a great computer hardware and software industry job. A certified electronic technician will have to perform all the tasks related to computer hardware and will perform maintenance works for the client’s systems. The main responsibilities of a technician would include the diagnosis of problems of computer hardware, installation of hardware, and creation of repairs.


Network Engineer (NET) A Network Engineer (NET) is a person who provides Internet connectivity to internal networks of large companies and universities. The main responsibility of a network engineer would be to design, develop, and maintain the connectivity of the internal networks. They also fix the connections between the servers and their clients. A Network Engineer (NET) should possess key skills in computer hardware and software. They should be able to troubleshoot and fix any problems related to the networks. Usually a graduate from an accredited college is eligible for the positions of a Network Engineer.


An Electrician (EN) This kind of job provides skilled professional help in designing and installing electronic systems. A qualified Electrician will have to install and repair computer hardware and software. They should possess excellent communication skills and computer repair or maintenance skills. A qualified Electrician might also be required to work as a Computer Hardware Trainee.

A Computer System Designer (CSD)

A Computer System Designer (CSD) The Computer System Designer (CSD) is the one who designs and implements the computer hardware and software according to the client’s specification. A Computer System Designer (CSD) must possess good leadership skills and computer programming knowledge to design and build computer hardware and software systems that meet the client’s specifications. In the field of Information Technology (IT), a Computer System Engineer (CSE) is responsible for designing and developing computer hardware and software systems that are required for various computer programs. A Computer Systems Engineer (CSD) might require some additional certifications like a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) or a Cisco Certified Systems Engineer (CCSE).


A Programmer (FP) The Programmer (FP) is in charge of programming the computer hardware and software. They usually write computer programs that integrate with software or hardware components. Some of the computer hardware job titles for programmers are Program Manager, Quality Assurance Programmer, and System Design and Technical Accountant (TQA). The best careers for programmers are Systems Engineers, Computer Systems Engineers, and Internet Programmers.


A Web Software Engineer (WSI) The main responsibility of a Web Software Engineer is to write computer software that will be used in conjunction with websites. These developers write computer software programs, which integrate with website templates or content. Web software engineers may also be involved in the technical support and optimization of websites. Some of the computer hardware job titles for Web Software Engineers include Webmaster, Web Developer, Web Architect, and Web Systems Architect. A Web Systems Engineer might also need to hold other certification credentials, such as a BS Computer Science degree or a MS computer security diploma.


There are plenty of computer hardware job titles available. You just need to be able to identify what type of job it is you are looking for, and then find the right career path to match your talents and skill level. With the right education, a great resume, and the right experience, you could find yourself in an excellent position someday. Good luck in your search!

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