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Computer networking mcq

Computer Networks is one of the most important subject for GATE Exam. Every year some questions are asked from Computer Networks in GATE ( CS/IT) Exam.

Here in this post we are going to tell about some computer networking mcq. These computer network mcq are computer networks gate questions asked in previous years GATE Exam. Try to solve these computer networking mcq. If you have any problem in any questions then please write it in comment.
Q1. Tell that Which among the following option is not correct about internet Protocol (IP) ?

(A)     Can a computer have more than one IP addresses.
(B) Can IP packets take different routes in the network from the same source to the same destination .
(C) Does IP ensures that a packet is forwarded if it is unable to reach its destination within a given number of hopes ?
(D) Source of the packet cannot set the route for  outgoing packets.

Answer:  D

Q2.Which among the following is true about transport protocol ?

(A)It provides Recovery from packet losses
(B)It Detects duplicate packets
(C)It ensures the Packet delivery in the correct order
(D)It ensure End to end connectivity

Ans D

Q3.Subnet mask for a particular network is then tell about Which pairs of IP addresses could belong to this network ?

(A) and
(B) and
(C) and
(D) and

Ans D

Q4. Length of a Broadcast LAN is 2 Km and it  has 107 bps bandwidth and uses CSMA/CD. It is given that signal travels along the wire at 2108m/s. Then what is the minimum size of the packet?

(A)50 bytes (B) 100 bytes
(C)200 bytes (D) None of the above

Ans D

Q5. If Node A transmits data to node B using a full duplex link. Sizes of sender and receiver windows are are 5 packets each. If size of  Data packets sent from A to B is 1000 bytes long. Given that transmission time for a packet is 50 µs . If A and B use sliding window protocol.  Acknowledgment packets send from B to A are very small and require negligible transmission time. You can ignore it. If the propagation delay is 200 µs. Then find out the maximum throughput in this system?
(A)7 69 10 . 6 # bps (B) 11 11 10 . 6 # bps
(C)12 33 10 . 6 # bps (D) 15 00 10 . 6 # bps

Answer B


networking mcq
Q6.Which is the false statement about bridge and a router ?

(A)Router and bridge selectively transmit data packets
(B)Router uses MAC address or bridge use IP Address
(C)Routing table of bridge is made on the inspection of incoming packets.
(D)LAN and WAN can connected through router.

Q7. Find out the number of  8-bit characters that can be transmitted per second over a 9600 baud serial communication link which use asynchronous mode of transmission with 8 data bits, one start bit and one parity bit ?
(A)600                               (B) 800
(C) 876                               (D) 1200

Ans B

Q8. If there are two station A and B on an Ethernet.Station A and B has some frames to be send stored in a queue. Both A and B wants to transmit a frame,  collide, and A wins the first backoff race,When A successfully transmit then  A and B attempt to transmit and collision occurs.Calculate the probability of A to win the backoff race 2.

(A)0.5                                        (B) 0.625
(C)0.75                                       (D) 1.0

Q9. Consider the given routing table

Destination   Subnet Mask       Interface    Ethernet 0   Ethernet 1  Ethernet 3

default Ethernet 2

which interface will the router transmits packets addressed to destinations and respectively ?

(A)Ethernet 1 and Ethernet 2 (B) Ethernet 0 and Ethernet 2
(C) Ethernet 0 and Ethernet 3 (D) Ethernet 1 and Ethernet 3

Ans A.

Q10. If a University  has a class B network and university need to form subnets for 64 departments. Then what will be the subnet mask.

(A) (B)
(C) (D)

Ans D
Some more computer networking mcq will be in the next post. I hope that these computer networks gate questions will be helpful to you. So practice these computer networking mcq.

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