Chip Wars of 2024: Will a Cell Phone Take the Laptop Crown?


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As industry leaders in chip production vie for supremacy, there’s mounting speculation that the skills of smartphones might quickly rival the conventional dominance of laptops.

AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm are all centered on growing a era in an effort to make Apple’s M3 chip look previous whilst absolutely embracing AI and growing battery lifestyles.

Rumors advocate that even Nvidia is pursuing an Arm-based totally answer. This motivation changed into part of the reason for its failed attempt to buy Arm, which has because long gone public.

RISC-V is in the wings, and as Arm struggles with its licensing version, that platform is looking ever more attractive, but it hasn’t emerged as a hazard to PCs.

Adding some other twist to the narrative, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is exploring the improvement of a neural processing unit (NPU) that would supplant GPUs for excessive-performance huge language models, inclusive of generative AI and the like.

This hobby will take vicinity broadly speaking late in 2024, suggesting there could be a struggle royale. Yet, behind the scenes, agencies are discovering that smartphones increasingly more can be capable of make laptops redundant.

So, the winner in 2024 will need to guard in opposition to the upward push of smartphones, which might prefer Qualcomm and Lenovo. Apple will withstand this because it wishes people to shop for each products.

Let’s speak approximately the computer chip wars of 2024 this week, and we’ll near with my Product of the Week, an low-cost, excessive-quit, 4K touchscreen and photos screen from Wacom.

Laying Out the Battlefield

Intel has been admirably recovering from its mistakes of the beyond decade. It’s an entrenched supplier, so all it without a doubt needs to be is good enough.

Challenging vendors need to convince capability clients that Intel isn’t desirable enough, but that could be a incredibly high bar. Intel’s protection will depend closely on its Lunar Lake part, that is, on paper, as effective as what AMD has coming and as green as what Qualcomm has on the way.

However, Intel has masses of distractions. From the war in Israel, wherein certainly one of Intel’s biggest FABs is located, to the fallout from layoffs and revenue discounts, Intel has more distractions than its friends, with a purpose to stand in opposition to its well timed execution. So far, I’m no longer seeing any problems, however if the OEMs do, they’ll hedge with one of the others.


AMD has been a shining big name of execution.

Focused on PCs, the organisation keeps to perform properly and advantage share. AMD’s Ryzen 8000 processors with Zen five are probably to outperform Intel’s Lunar Lake, however don’t forget that Intel simplest must be top sufficient, that means that AMD’s overall performance have to be excessive enough to convince shoppers to convert to AMD.

Existing AMD clients will stay with the employer, but for marketplace boom, the bar for AMD is fairly excessive. It might require developing a surprisingly aggressive element and a major advertising marketing campaign to make human beings much less glad with Intel. Such campaigns aren’t some thing AMD usually finances, making it less likely AMD will take a great share from Intel even supposing its parts significantly outperform Intel’s.


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite is a captivating new processor, however it isn’t x86-based; it’s Arm-based. Because of this structure, the processor ought to run an x86 emulator, that can reduce the user’s belief of performance. Such a demand needs a much larger soar of religion than AMD calls for.

While the battery existence and AI performance numbers for the Snapdragon X Elite on paper are extraordinary, they may not be substantial sufficient to penetrate a market presently ruled via the x86 wellknown.

Qualcomm is getting a number of unusual help from Microsoft, which loves this technology, but Microsoft’s modern day show off computer, the Surface Studio 2, is Intel-primarily based. Qualcomm has a more dependency on Microsoft than AMD does, so the achievement of this part might be tied tightly to Microsoft’s aid and Qualcomm’s marketing.

Regarding advertising, Qualcomm typically depends on its OEMs to market, which seems to paintings fine for smartphones however hasn’t worked out for PCs in years.

Qualcomm might have a more shot if it took a more competitive technique and attacked via smartphones. None of Qualcomm’s competition for PCs have phone positions.

I’m seeing growing checking out of using smartphones to displace laptops, and I expect a person will ultimately get this proper. If they do, Qualcomm is inside the first-rate position to benefit, which could location Qualcomm’s power towards the weak point of its competitors instead of vice versa.


As mentioned, Nvidia is a wild card here, and we know little about its Arm-primarily based CPU effort.

Nvidia has relationships with all of the PC OEMs and a management position in AI, which gives it a far stronger threat than it would have in any other case to be a disruptor in this market.

Having carried out extraordinarily properly and anticipated marketplace actions earlier than its peers, Nvidia has been a pressure to reckon with over the past decade. It uses AI internally extra than maximum of its competition, suggesting it may expand a logo-new method to locating a blend of traditional performance and AI superiority.

I count on Nvidia to surprise the marketplace. How big a marvel remains unknown.

Wrapping Up

Next 12 months can be a processor cage healthy, with Intel still within the lead role in phrases of market share and stage of entrenchment.

However, this new AI wave is some thing however settled, supplying paths for displacement that have never existed. AI is the big disruptor, and Nvidia, right now, is the king of AI, while Microsoft is the most aggressive marketer of the era.

In addition, if an innovator can determine out a way to package technology like head-mounted shows and higher hardware voice interfaces, there may be the potential for an iPod-like marketplace pivot. I doubt Apple will want to do that, given it needs clients to buy both a cellphone and a PC, however it can nonetheless integrate the two matters extra tightly, probably accomplishing the equal goal.

All of this goes to mention that 2024 might be a captivating 12 months, and by way of the cease, we may be searching at laptops, computer PCs, or even smartphones very in another way than we are today.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 17

My mother, who passed away many years ago, turned into an outstanding artist who frequently focused on artwork for ad campaigns. Were I buying a gift for her for Christmas, it’d be the Wacom Cintiq Pro 17, which was just released.

This 4K screen with severe color accuracy is one of the first-class virtual tools for artists and engineers who want to draw things with excessive precision in both traces and colour.

With a 120 Hz gaming degree refresh charge, artists aren’t expecting the screen to seize up, and Wacom’s one of a kind three-programable button stylus is energetic and doesn’t want a battery, the use of the firm’s precise wireless power and information solution alternatively.

The display comes with a stand however also can be hand-held. The 17-inch version is ideal for the latter

Wacom makes this super line in numerous sizes, however the 17-inch is the high-quality balance of portability and capability, even though the charge of almost $2,500 appears excessive for the scale.

The Wacom Cintiq Pro is an appropriate gift for someone who likes to create tremendously correct, beautiful art, and I suppose my mother could have cherished to get this product for Christmas, so it is my Product of the Week.