Naziha Salim – Professor and Embroiderer


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Naziha Salim – Professor and Embroiderer


You have probably heard of Naziha Salim, the Iraqi artist, writer and professor. But did you know that she was also a professor and embroider? If not, read this article. You will discover some of her most noteworthy works. After all, if you’ve ever admired an embroider or a painter, you should know about Salim. Read on to learn more about this talented Iraqi.

Naziha Salim was an Iraqi artist

A recent article in the Washington Post highlights the artist Naziha Salim, an Iraqi who studied art in Paris and specialized in fresco painting. Naziha Salim is considered to be one of the most important figures in Iraq’s contemporary art-science community, and a Google doodle dedicated to her life and work is part of the tribute. The Iraqi-born artist came from a family of artists; her father was a painter and her mother was a well-known embroiderer. Salim’s brother, who is also a highly-respected sculptor, was a political cartoonist and a painter.

Naziha Salim was born in Istanbul. Her parents were originally from Mosul, Iraq, and were stationed in Turkey during the time of her birth. After a stroke in her late teens, the family returned to Baghdad, where she eventually earned a scholarship to study abroad. Naziha Salim later died in Baghdad, aged 81. Her works continue to catch the wandering eyes of visitors at the Modern Art Iraqi Archive and the Sharjah Art Museum in the UAE.

Google has paid homage to Salim and her paintings by featuring her paintings on its homepage. The UAE-based Barjeel Art Foundation, which highlights female artists, has been a prominent supporter of Salim’s work. The doodle celebrates Salim’s legacy with a doodle of the artist holding a paintbrush and a rural Iraqi woman, reflecting the enduring relevance of rural life in Salim’s work. While she was active as an artist and an educator, she also wrote books.

While studying art in Paris, Salim specialized in mural and fresco painting. She then returned to Iraq to teach at the Fine Arts Institute, where she remained a professor until her retirement. Salim became an influential figure in the Iraqi art scene, becoming a founding member of the avant-garde group Al-Ruwwad, which incorporated European art techniques into the Iraqi aesthetic. Salim also wrote a book on Iraq Contemporary Art, which has become an invaluable reference for art historians.

She was a professor

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She was a painter

Artist, educator and author, Naziha Salim was a prominent figure in Iraqi contemporary art. Her achievements are described by Jalal Talabani as heralding her as the first Iraqi woman to enter the world of contemporary art. In an interview with The Guardian, Talabani praised Salim as the “most creative artist of her generation.”

Originally from Baghdad, Salim was raised in Turkey, in a family of artists. Her parents, Hussein, a painter, and her mother, Su’ad, were talented artists. Her three brothers, including her brother Jawad, worked in the arts, and she herself studied art at a Baghdad art school. She graduated with distinction and was awarded the first scholarship to the Ecole National Superieur des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

In May 2014, Google released a doodle recognizing the pioneering Iraqi painter Naziha Salim. The search giant paid tribute to Salim, who was honored by the UAE-based Barjeel Art Foundation in recognition of her achievements in the field of modern Iraqi art. The doodle, which appeared on Google’s homepage, featured an image of Salim holding a paintbrush and an Iraqi woman. Salim’s work centered on rural Iraqi women, and her paintings often reflected the movement for experimentation.

The work of Salim is currently on display in the Sharjah Art Museum and the Iraqi Archive of Modern Art. She is known for her dripping paintings, which she created with her thick brushes and brimmed canvases. In addition to her art, Salim was an author and an educator. The Google Doodle celebrates her contributions to the art world. If you’d like to learn more about Salim, be sure to check out Google’s website!

Born in Istanbul, Naziha Salim’s parents were originally from Mosul. Her father was stationed in Turkey during the time of her birth, but the family later returned to Baghdad. In the 1920s, Naziha Salim studied in Paris and received a scholarship to continue her education. Her father was a painter, while her mother was a skilled embroider. The Salims’ family was very artistic, and Naziha was no different.

She was an embroider

Naziha Salim was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1927. She was one of three children of Iraqi artists. Her parents were both painters and her mother was an accomplished embroidery artist. All of her brothers were artists, too. Her brother Jawad, a well-known sculptor in Iraq, was also an artist. But Salim’s greatest passion was to create her own work. She studied at the Baghdad Fine Arts Institute, where she became the first female to be awarded a scholarship to the École National Superieur des Beaux Arts in Paris, France.

While in France, Naziha Salim studied fresco and mural painting. After several years abroad, she returned to her hometown of Baghdad to teach at the Baghdad Fine Arts Institute. She was also a founding member of Al-Ruwwad, an Iraqi art collective that incorporated overseas art methods into the Iraqi aesthetic. Salim was also an author, focusing on the early development of Iraq’s fashionable art movement.

After completing her graduation, Salim was awarded a scholarship to study fine arts in Paris. After completing her studies, she returned to Baghdad and taught at the Fine Arts Institute. She passed away at the age of 81 on February 15, 2008.

A Google Doodle in honor of Salim celebrates the work of Iraqi artist Naziha Salim. The artist was an author, painter, and professor who contributed significantly to Iraq’s contemporary art scene. The Barjeel Art Foundation has recently highlighted her work and her family’s artistic legacy. The doodle features two images of Salim: a portrait of her with a brush, and a portrait of her work.

In honor of Salim’s legacy, Google has dedicated a doodle to her on April 23, 2022. Her legacy will live on through the work of other female artists, and Google’s doodle will feature her artwork on its website. The Barjeel Art Foundation has a collection of Salim’s work that highlights female artists from Iraq. In addition to her prolific work, Salim’s life and contributions to contemporary Iraqi art were recognized by the Barjeel Art Foundation, a United Arab Emirates-based organization.

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