How to Introduce Yourself in Job Interview


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introduce yourself in job interview

How to introduce yourself in job interview for freshers is a question that more job seekers face. It is one of the most important skills that an individual needs to master to have an edge over other applicants. Introducing oneself is not as easy as you think especially if it’s your first time in an interview. Here are some easy steps on how to introduce yourself in job interviews for freshers:

how to introduce yourself in job interview


Dress professionally – No matter how well you know the company, you still need to look professional in order to be hired. You can never go wrong in presenting yourself in a business-like manner. No one wants to hire a person who looks like they go to school just to work in the office.


Know your reason for being there – Before anything else, you need to tell the interviewers your exact role in the company. Try to explain the benefits you can offer to the company. Also, tell them the reasons why you want to work there and your hope to be promoted someday. It will help you determine your best approach in making your first impression.


Be ready to show your portfolio – If you were able to impress the interviewers during the job interview, they will also be impressed when they see your portfolio. Make sure that your portfolio or resumes are presented in a neat and professional manner. This will also give your further chances to be called for further interviews. It also gives your further assurance that you are worth working with.


Answer the questions – Being asked a question is never a loss to you. You just have to be careful with the questions that you answer. Try to find answers to hard questions with the best possible answers. The interviewer will definitely know how to read your expressions and you should not be afraid to look at his expressions when answering tough questions. When you look confident and relaxed, it will definitely show in your answer.


Be specific – In the job interview, you should always state your job title clearly and correctly. Do not leave anything out even if you think the employer may hear you mumbling. Mention the name of the department with the specific responsibilities every time. Make sure that you also state your salary. Sometimes, your employer may ask you how much you are worth so you must be specific about it.


Practice makes perfect – After completing your profile and answering the questions well in the job interview, the next thing that you need to do is practice in an interview. Be familiar with how to introduce yourself in job interview and learn how to answer questions. Practice with different types of questions until you get the hang of it. You can also take a friend along with you who is also applying for the same job as you. It would help if you can hear some of their questions from their side and vice versa. You can also practice how to answer questions during a job interview just by asking the interviewer simple questions that pertain to the job you applied for.


When you are answering questions in an interview, be direct and concise. Do not hesitate to use the proper form of address such as Mr., Mrs., or Miss. Be polite and professional in all conversations especially in the job interview. Following these tips on how to introduce yourself in job interview will surely help you land your dream job.


Know who the employers are before the interview – When you attend an interview, be aware of the names of the other applicants. You need to know their names so you can introduce yourself in the best manner possible. If the other interviewees do not know the names of the companies or the interviewer, then ask them to give you their names so you can introduce yourself accordingly. It will be awkward if you ask how to introduce yourself in job interview if no one knows who you are. This will only make you look unprofessional. So make sure that you know everyone else’s names before the interview.


Dress appropriately for the job interview – You should wear clothing that is appropriate to your workplace. Make sure that the suit fits you properly. Wear a tie, dress shoes, and appropriate attire for the job interview. Do not forget to bring your resume.


Make eye contact and smile when you meet the interviewer Even if you are not expected to speak, it is always better to make eye contact and smile with the person who is interviewing you. This will show that you are confident about your qualifications and you will definitely impress the person who is doing the interview. Do not be nervous when you meet the interviewer. Do not be afraid to smile and make eye contact with the person who is interviewing you because these are the things that will show your professionalism in how to introduce yourself in job interview.

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